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Social Recruit

  • Java Development Engineer

    recruitone / Bachelor degree or above / 3 years / Published in2018-03-23

    Post duties
    1 take part in the maintenance and development of the company project
    2 continuously modify the software according to the needs of the project, and make suggestions and suggestions for improvement.
    3 assist the superior to complete the project code development, quality control and schedule control.
    4 team spirit and initiative to help other members of the team grow up quickly.
    5 clear thinking, independent thinking, independent analysis and problem solving, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and good teamwork spirit.

    Job requirements
    1 master Java, SQL, HTML
    2 more than one year Java related development experience, have a certain understanding of the working principle of JVM virtual machine, and be familiar with Java design mode.
    3 proficient in spring framework, Java bean, Struts2, MyBatis, Hiberlate and other common development frameworks.
    4 proficient in J2EE konwledge on struts, JSP Servlet, Javascripts, XHTML, CSS, Web Services, CSS and other related technologies.
    5 working experience is preferred

  • UI Development Designer

    recruitTwo / Bachelor degree or above / 3 Years / Published in2018-03-23

    Post Duties
    1. create a GUI design for enterprise software development based on the principles of interactive design and human factors.
    2. work according to user interface design standards and user interface requirements for the entire composition.
    3. ensure consistency of interface design standards throughout the product suite.
    4. cooperate with R & D to ensure * * * design of new functions, products and solutions.
    5. conduct customer based research and provide overall product design together with product manager.
    6. work with other usability experts to develop prototypes to demonstrate the concept of new product design.
    7. cooperate with multidisciplinary team to improve user design.
    8. familiar with GUI programming language, such as: Javascript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, etc.
    9. have at least 3 years of relevant experience
    10. Photoshop and animation production priority.

    Job Requirements
    Familiar with GUI programming language, such as: Javascript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, etc.
    With at least 2 years of experience
    Photoshop and animations are preferred.


School Recruit

  • Logistics program design Commissioner

    recruitTwo / Undergraduate / 3 Years / Published in2018-03-23

    Post duties
    1. understand customer needs through consultation and understanding of the direction and strategy of customer business.
    2. through data statistical analysis and mining, we find the optimization space and design the logistics solution.
    4. responsible for communicating with technical department's background products, optimizing and improving customer data analysis system.

    Job requirements
    1. bachelor's degree or above
    2. be familiar with or understand the operation process of supply chain and logistics transportation industry.
    3. familiar with or understanding of building optimization models and using modeling programming or software.
    4. familiarity or understanding of at least one database software
    5. English has basic reading and writing ability