Ransheng technology's experience at suzhou Innovfest 2018

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The 4th China • Singapore international technology exchange and innovation conference Innovfest Suzhou 2018 was successfully held in Suzhou industrial park from June 20 to 21, 2018. Assembly to china-singapore bilateral and other international leading technology, capital and other communication platform, with the enterprise service two-way communication science, technology and industry, concentrated in artificial intelligence, health, green city core industries such as wisdom. More than 100 science and technology projects from the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, Japan and more than 10 countries and regions.

On the afternoon of 20th, "green smart city" was held in suzhou industrial park, suzhou research institute of national university of Singapore. Chen debin, general manager of ransheng technology, Shared his experience and achievements in the field of smart supply chain.

, he said, the Internet of things, big data, such as artificial intelligence and chain blocks technical application and rapid development of modern logistics park to the transition from traditional mode to the wisdom of the supply chain, for the enterprise to provide sourcing, logistics, warehousing, customs clearance, tax refund, one-stop service. RanSheng has the experience of the city of the supply chain, the use of automated warehousing systems, unmanned aerial vehicles and automated guided vehicle access system and terminal management system, combined with the park vehicle management system, formed a set of office, warehousing, customs clearance, the service in the integration of intelligent ecological park. RanSheng are "in" big country strategy under the new (chongqing) connectivity demonstration projects, one of chongqing shipping group is working with shareholders in-depth cooperation to establish integrated information interaction platform, combined with multimodal transport seamless docking, promote the establishment of chongqing four to channel wisdom cross-border trade supply chain system. Next, ransheng is committed to building a smart city ecosystem, building a smart city cross-border trade platform, and promoting the smart cross-border trade ecological industrial chain.

About ransheng technology
RanSheng "area" in the country of science and technology, the Internet of things, big data under the background of strategic opportunity, as a new strategic connectivity (chongqing) demonstration project, one of the Singapore Y3 technology by chongqing shipping group company is a joint investment. We, as the first Singapore joint venture in the Midwest China supply chain solutions provider, relying on the most widely network coverage and the strongest comprehensive strength of the nation's abundant logistics resources of chongqing shipping group, fusion of Singapore Y3 technology innovation and regional logistics network, to provide enterprises with the wisdom of the prospective supply chain integration solutions and services.